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Friday, May 04, 2007

Tree, Falling Apple... ah heck... Turd

I've ripped on Michael McGee, Jr. on this blog from time to time. It should be noted that McGee, Jr. got his hateful and bullying nature the way many people get their character--or lack of it-- straight from his father. Michael McGee, Sr. hosts a morning radio program on WNOV-860 AM in Milwaukee, and he regularly says things that make Don Imus' comments seem like cotton candy and puppy dogs. The N-word is common place (but ok, apparently, since McGee is black). He openly states that he prays for people to die. He calls people who disagree with him every name in the book, and then makes up some new insults for them.

And then there's this rant from Wednesday's program. Wherein he cheers the recent death of Kay Sykes, mother of Charlie Sykes-- who is a conservative morning talk-show host on WTMJ-620 AM in Milwaukee. Wherein McGee says he thinks Kay Sykes had it comin' for raising such a fool. Wherein he states that his gut feeling is that Charlie killed his mother because he got tired of waiting for her money.

He isn't joking. Listen to the audio and you can tell he means every single word.

Mike McGee, Jr. is a turd, but that's not very surprising since he was raised by one.

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What's it with radio that people seem to get away with much more than they can on television??

I know this is a sidenote, but is it "turd" or "terd"?
could be either, turd or terd, but moreover, I believe the correct name should be tard. but that would be giving the mentally handicapped a bad rap..................
Fairly positive it is turd. Indeed, I just checked the Oxford English Dictionary, and they do list it as turd: 1) A lump or piece of excrement; also, excrement, ordure. 2) As a type of worthlessness or vileness.

With the McGee's either definition fits the bill.
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