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Thursday, October 26, 2006

FFL Update: Half Way Point

Seven weeks down. Six to go. Actually, seven to go in one league of mine, six in the keeper league. So, we're at the midpoint. Time to take stock. And all that crap.

If the playoffs were today in the WBKL:

#1 I'm Rick James' Bitch!!, 6-1, 576
#2 Metal Mayhem, 5-2, 560
#3 nate, 5-2, 579
#4 Fearsome Canines, 5-2, 513
#5 Ill-tempered Sea Bass, 5-2, 508
#6 The TONY REALI Experience, 5-2, 505
#7 I Hate Favre, 531 points

On the outside looking in:
#8 Stench, 4-3, 492
#9 Ackphblt! 3-4, 511
#10 Motor City Cheese, 3-4, 467
#11 Mojo's Reapers, 3-4, 440
#12 Happy Scrappy Hero Pups, 3-4, 435
#13 Cheddar Heads, 2-5, 463
#14 Muff Divers, 2-5, 462
#15 Cloud's Thunder, 1-6, 464
#16 The Fighting Uruk-Hai, 1-6, 414

No undefeateds, no winless. So we got that going for us. Which is nice.

Mid-point Awards:
MVP: That fine Irish lad, Donovan McNabb. The main, though not only, reason Troy's biotches are atop the league, McNabb is averaging an astonishing 22.4 points a game, nearly 5 points a game more than the next highest scoring player, Peyton Manning (17.7).
Runners-up: McNabb's backfield mate, Brian Westbrook, and the Bears' defense.

Biggest Bust: Quite a lot of qualified candidates for this award. Lamont Jordan, Chad Johnson, Kurt Warner, and Duante Culpepper are all very viable big-time busts. But I think you have to go with Shaun Alexander to this point in the season, simply because of how high he was drafted. Alexander could still redeem himself in the second half of the season, but he'll never be able to justify his selection as #1 overall this year.
Runners-up: Edgerrin James and Chris Chambers, plus all the hacks listed above.

Best Pick-up: Bernard Berrian. Another reason Troy's team is in first was his astute (yes, i am calling you a stute, you stute you) waiver wire addition of Berrian.
Runner-up: Leon Washington by the Uruk-Hai.

Looking ahead

Most of the bye weeks are over, though Rick James' Bitch!! will be handicapped in week 9 without that fine Irish lad, Donovan McNabb, and without the Edge. Cloud's Thunder loses Steve Smith and Laveranues Coles that week as well, and Metal Mayhem will play week 9 without Jake Delhomme, Leon Washington, Reggie Brown, the Panthers' D, and Neil Rackers. The Uruk-Hai lose Kevin Jones, Randy McMichael, Mike Furrey, and Lee Evans in week 8 (the presence of so many Dolphins, Lions and Bills perhaps explaining their 1-6 record).

Dolphins, Lions and Bills, OH MY!

Right. If Westbrook stays healthy, I'd give the edge to nate as the team to beat, despite I Am Rick James' Bitch!! having a better record at this point (there, that outta jinx the guy!). I think the bottom four teams, Cheddar Heads, Muff Divers, Cloud's Thunder and Fighting Uruk-Hai are likely out of playoff contention, but any of the other 12 teams are still viable.

The hunt for the #2 spot, champion of the Jelly Division, seems to be a 3-way race between the Metal Mayhem, the Fearsome Canines and the Ill-tempered Sea Bass, but both I Hate Favre and Ackphblt! have enough points to be a factor if they get on a roll. Of the three at 5-2, I think I'll give a slight edge to the Mayhem, as they have the best backfield, and RBs are more consistent than are WRs.

Player I hate the most: Lamont Jordan. He hurt himself warming up and I lost by 6 despite having the 3rd highest point total for the week! I'm a little fuzzy on the whole, good/bad thing, but isn't the point of warming up to AVOID injury? Ye gods. Runner up? Drew Bledsoe. So immobile the Cowboys kept Witten in to block, thus killing Witten's stats. Despite being so immobile, Bledsoe RAN IN a TD when a pass to Owens or Witten would have come very close to winning me last week's game.

Player I love: Tony Romo! He makes Jason Witten a viable TE again. Woot! Plus, he makes good ribs.

Trivia question answer: Where There's a Whip, There's a Way! is the title of a delightful little tune sung by Sauron's orcs in the 1980 animated version of The Return of the King. As the reviewer of the movie notes, it's pretty dreadful-- but that one song RAWKS!


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