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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday's Babelfish Entry

I took this post about UW-Milwaukee's seeding in the NCAA tourney and translated the first two paragraphs into Dutch at babelfish.altavista.com, then translated the Dutch translation back into English. Here's the result:

Thus, Panthers get #11 a seed in the large dancing. Woot! Although, honest, a seed could have been seen 12 preferable manier12's the battle of 5 with ongelooflijke regularity. Still, I think UWM legit have which have originated at taking Oklahoma, and perhaps even Florida -- since there is no manner in my opinion that Florida #3 a seed deserved.

In niet-sportennieuws, UWM now conservative nieuwsalternatief to the mail UWM have. The times UWM recently editors on campus started -- although it has no formal accession with the school. I have this way added the times to my blogbroodje, check them if you have a chance -- the conservative votes on our campus are a rising tendency, so that are I hoopvol the times well will do.
Interesting. When the babelfish translator converts things into English, wouldn't you kinda expect the result to be, well, English? Now, granted it isn't that hard to figure out that "niet-sportennieuws" is "non-sports news" and that "hoovol" is "hopeful" but still-- shouldn't it actually be in English? Oh, and only having the original post handy allowed me to deduce that "ongelooflijke regularity" is "incredible regularity."

Though I will say that ongelooflijke is an incredibly silly looking word. I also kinda like how Babelfish has a tendency to make the retranslation into English sound like Yoda is saying it. "The Times UWM recently editors on campus started. Hmm. Strong the Force is in the Times."
>>>> I also kinda like how Babelfish tends to make the retranslation into English sound like Yoda is saying it.

Except for "ongelooflijke", which sounds like Swedish Chef to me :)

BTW, does the Mooncalf know about your blog?
Do you want him to? :)
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