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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today, I started this modest little blog, and lo and behold! I'm still here. Rock on me, and rock on you-- all three of you-- my intrepid readers. Traffic has slowly and steadily been increasing, from only about 500 in March of 2005, to nearly 2500 in February, 2006. Strangely enough, I have noticed a correlation between the amount of posting I do and the amount of hits I receive. Who knew?

Over the past year I've posted 439 entries-- though the number of entries has increased while the size of each entry has decreased over time.

I think, overall, the number of consistent readers is up, but 2006 may be a year in which I reach out to new readers. So, stick with me if you've made it this far, and we'll see where 2006 takes us.

Champagne for everyone!


Happy One Year! I enjoy this blog a whole lot, so keep it up.
I too enjoy your blog..Good Job Nick!!!.. the scary thing is that I find myself agreeing with you way too often.. wakes me up at night screaming.. except of course for your silly nonsensical affection for ID.
Hey, I'm off the ID bandwagon, my friend. And I too often find myself agreeing with you despite your silly nonsensical and completely affection for the Minnesota Vikings.

Just proves my point-- it's possible for nearly everyone to have a clear, coherent and useful idea. ;->
Happy anniversary, Nick!
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