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Monday, February 28, 2005

Me and My Shadow

Okay, I suppose I better do the “this is what you can likely find here” post. My first post was necessarily about Girl Scout Cookies, because nothing could possibly beat Thin Mints, but the second post will have to be the introduction. Hmm… let’s see, I’m a librarian and a libertarian—but a mainstream sort of libertarian. Old school, baybee—smaller government, lower taxes, government out of the schools and the churches and, especially, people’s houses and bedrooms. Fiscal conservative, social liberal. Pretty darn hawkish when it comes to the war on terror. That’s me in a very, very concise nutshell. The details of which will likely expose themselves over time as I post. At least, that’s the plan.

Topics you’ll find here (in no particular order):

That’s me. My shadow will be Jack Montaq—an actual person (not me) I assure you, whom I know very well. We see eye-to-eye on some things, but not so much on most of them. We’ve been debating many of these things via email and in person for the last month or so—I hope that the exchange will continue, and if it does, I plan to post some of the exchanges here, for whatever its worth. Jack’s position’s are thoughtful, informed, and non-confrontational (most of the time). Hopefully so are mine. The goal is to have a rational debate about important topics without resorting to ad hominem and wild-eyed blather. Hopefully, neither of us will ever say, ‘So’s your mama!’ or the like.

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