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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dreadful, just dreadful

I reference, of course, the officiating in this past weekend's games. Should you care about other dreadful things, you must go elsewhere. Troy asks the following, "And why do the all-star ref teams end up being the worst ones of all?"

I do not know, Troy, but verily they are. Ye gods did the refs stink up the place this weekend-- on several occassions dramatically altering the games they were overseeing, and in at least two cases nearly costing a team victory. Here's a brief run down:

There were other, less impactful, mistakes, but those six (I discount the Bailey fumble call, as the reviews probably weren't conclusive, and thus the ruling on the field must take precedence-- even though I think it was wrong, and I am sick to my ears of hearing about how great Bailey's play was) are certainly sufficient to judge the quality of refing this weekend as dreadful. The only redeeming fact is that despite the referee blunders, two of the three teams that played better and deserved to win did-- with the exception of New England, who can make a pretty strong case that they would've won their game if not for the guys in the zebra uniforms.

At any rate, I am now a huge Carolina and Pittsburgh fan, as I greatly admire teams that can overcome great adversity and unfair treatment to persevere and win regardless.

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