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Friday, January 13, 2006

Dark Days Are Coming

No, not politics, not religion-- nothing so ephemeral. Serious stuff here-- the NFL season is almost over! As Tuesday Morning Quarterback notes in this week's entry, only seven-- 7!-- games remain. So enjoy them while you can, football fans. I also really liked this stat from the TMQ column:
Stats of the Week No. 4: Carson Palmer, who played two snaps, had more passing yards than Mark Brunell, who played an entire game. Noted by Tim Lowes.
And since I had such a scintalating performance last week, going an outstanding 2 for 2 on Saturday and doing slightly worse on Sunday, here are my thoughts on this weekend's games:

I know, I know, pretty bold stuff there. Going way out on a limb picking all four home teams, but hey, you can't be afraid to pick the favorite from time to time. I mean, it's easy to pick the underdog, but go with the home favorite-- now that's cutting edge, bay-bee!

Please, please, please be wrong with your pick of Da Bears.
NE out. Who thought that would happen?
The only problem was the way the Bears lost. They needed to lose 7-3 so that the defense would hate the offense all off-season. Now, they at least have something to build on.
And why do the all-star ref teams end up being the worst ones of all?
John-- Me! That's who would've thought that would happen. You'll note I picked Denver to beat NE.

Of course, I also picked the Bears and the Colts, but hey-- if the game is on Saturday, I rock!
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