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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Life of a Blogger

I was going to pat myself on the back one of these days because readership of my blog has steadily increased since its inception in March. Nothing crazy, but a nice steady rise every month-- 500 in March, a little over 600 in April, 700 or so in May, and then a big jump to nearly 900 last month. Woohoo! Then comes today. I log in to the libertarian librarian homail account and there are a bunch of messages from people congratulating me on my Lucianne link. Huh? Check the site activity.


I've already received 2500+ today alone! The hubbub? The link that got me into a major blog/online news force like Lucianne? My Ward Churchill/Gloria Steinem post from waaayyyy back in March. Which I thought was pretty clever back then, but hey, the blog was all of three weeks old, so it didn't see much traffic and I figured it would be consigned to the digital dust heap of the net.

Funny old world.

Now, to capitalize on the popularity. I will, hopefully, finally be rolling out the post I hinted at last week and never got around to writing. The Libertarian Librarian candidate for the '08 presidential election.
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