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Friday, March 18, 2005

Ward Churchill and Gloria Steinem-- separated at birth!

Okay, I missed the Bison Porn scoop, but I GOT this one!

Breaking News

March 16, 2005: Inside sources at the Libertarian Librarian have uncovered incontrovertible proof that Ward Churchill is the younger brother of feminist activist Gloria Steinem. One need only compare these two photos:

Spooky, huh?

There is no confirmation that Anthony Zerbe, who played Matthias in the 1971 Charlton Heston film The Omega Man, is also a member of this family. But considering this:

the possibility can not be ruled out. Rest assured the crack staff here at Libertarian Librarian will be working overtime to determine if the cult-like figure of Matthias is in any way related to the erstwhile Steinem/Churchill siblings. Investigations are also underway to determine just where exactly they got those sunglasses.

UPDATE: Welcome Lucianne readers, thanks for stopping by! Please poke around a bit and leave me your thoughts if you'd like-- in particular, check out the discussion of a possible alternative candidate to whomever the donkeys and elephants throw out there in '08.

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We're talking family values here.

Sissy Willis

Congrats on your LucianneLanche! :)
Zerbe was in fact in The Omega Man but Matthia was the black dude
ROFLOL That reminds me of the movie Tootsie where Tootsie claims, "For I am not Emily Kimberly ..."
Have you read, This Beats Working for a Living, by an Anonymous Professor? Y'all ought to read it to get a little insight in the academy. ExProfessor
"Anonymous" is incorrect. Anthony Zerbe's character in "The Omega Man" was indeed named Matthias, who was a media talking head of the Dan Rather sort before the plague hit, afterwards becoming the leader of the mutant zombie gang.

Cave Bear
Also check out the similarities between the triplets separated at birth:
James Carville, Cokie Roberts... and yes... an alien!
Thanks everyone for stopping by. Funny how a post made several months ago can suddenly be reinvigorated by one link. Verily, the internet is a crazy and wonderful thing.
And the character the Anthony Zerbe was named matthais and the character was in fact, a TV commentator-journalist.

Coincidence? I think not!

Is it not amazing how far really bad manners can take a psychopath here in America? No talent, amplified by a double-clutched tongue, provides the impetus for careers in this swirling Age Of Celebration. Hype and Bally-Hoo substitute for actual production of value and worth. How can anyone pretend boredom, when the Whole World clamors for ATTENTION?
Another possibility:

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