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Monday, April 04, 2005

More on that bias stuff

Troy busts me a bit in regards to my recent posting on bias. To wit, the irony of me ripping on those making sweeping generalizations in a post where I make a sweeping generalization. To quote the man from Minnesota (no-- he's not a Vikings fan):

Well, I am glad that you just rationalized your viewpoint based on a couple of morons. I personally don't care enough to know who James Wolcott or Lee Siegel are, but apparently, they are so awful that anyone who reads them has to become a Republican. Funny, I use the same argument for being liberal by saying that Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are moroms. What happened to those comments about bias? In this media-heavy world, you can always find someone to make you feel better about your opinion. Just don't be so smug as to use these morons to say that the other side is stupid.

Fair point, though I don't think I've ever said the other side is stupid. Actually, I try not to take sides, though I do think that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is heavily biased to the left. But Troy's right-- in this media-heavy world you can always find someone that agrees with you or makes you feel superior about your beliefs. I guess, in that particular post, I wasn't so much trying to claim that most media, particularly the main stream media, is stupid, or even slanted to the left, so much as to illustrate two particularly egregious examples. Maybe I was just venting about morons, and both of them happened to be liberals. At any rate, there are lots and lots and lots of other examples of liberal bias in MSM, and there are some counter-examples as well-- particularly in talk radio which is undeniably heavily slanted to the right, Air America not withstanding.

So, what's the point? Well, I suppose the point is to find a variety of viewpoints on the important issues, weigh the evidence, and then make up your mind. Don't gather all your info from newspapers, or TV, or one or two blog sites. This is the age of information-- don't settle for one source, or even two. And try not to fall into a rut, unless you now a cantankerous chap from Minnesota who'll call you on it.


Here's my humble theory:

For decades, mainstream media (MSM) bias has been worth 15% in the polls for the democrats. The democrats maintained a majority of sorts since the days of FDR with the MSM as a major contributor to that majority.

With the rise of Talk Radio and the media savvy Ronald Reagan, that MSM advantage began to erode. With the internet it eroded even more. With the Drudge Report and the legion of blogs, there was finally an antidote to the MSM. Excellent article on MSM bias:


The republican ascendancy is the new balance, the new status quo. The MSM can't cover for the democrats anymore, and we now have a more informed and better-equipped voting public.

Democrats will have to move to the center to be competitive. The selection of Howard Dean as DNC chairman and the recent decision by Senators Pelosi and Reed to ignore the Pope's passing in their radio address are signs that democrats have not yet grasped this reality.
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