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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

James Wolcott is a turd

This probably doesn't come as a shock to anyone who reads his stuff outside of Manhattan, but it still bears repeating from time to time. I can't read much of his dreck at any one time as the condescending pompousness is hard to trudge through, the logic is tortured and at times absolutely ridiculous, and the hypocrisy is rank and ever present, but from time to time it's good to check in on the worst of the liberal elite snobs, just to make sure they're still liberal elite snobs. Wolcott never disappoints.

Exhibit A: He can't even grant the Schindler's one iota of sympathy. You can disagree with their efforts, I do, but how can you not feel sympathy for them?

Exhibit B: He rips on Charles Krauthammer for his "bilious character-assasination" and sneer in the same SENTENCE that he uses bilious character-assasination on Krauthammer. And really, Jimmy, is there a single moment in your life when there isn't that self-satisified little smirk on your own face?

Anyway. I'm not sure why I throw that in here today except that I realized I hadn't bothered going to his blog in quite a while, and I wanted to see if he still sucked as badly as I remembered. Truthfully, I think he may be getting worse.
"My heart (and I do have one, despite what you may read on the cave walls of Lascaux) doesn't go out to that pair of publicity-grabbing fireplugs, who comported themselves with a complete lack of dignity compared to the husband and demonstrated their demagogic bad faith over the last two weeks."

"Publicity grabbing fireplugs" this makes it so clear: Terri's parents are doing this all for their own gain!

"Complete lack of dignity" one should never let utter panic engendered by the impending death of a beloved child lead one to desperation.

"Demagogic bad faith" well, its hard to be sarcastic about this comment. You'd have to have pledged to something to act in bad faith. I doubt if Terri's parents pledged to kill her.

"The so-called press conferences they do in front of the hospice, for example. A press conference, even in the Bush era, is supposed to incorporate questions from the press. Not with the Schindlers."

So, the grieving and non-media savvy parents don't take questions at a press conference, and this condemns them?

James Wolcott, well, he has all the heart and compassion that Mr. Schiavo is demonstrating. That's not too surprising, considering that he writes for Vanity Fair, the magazine that somewhere along the way gave itself completely over to loony, raging, fact-challenged anti-Bush screeds of the sort that Paul Krugman pens for the New York Times.
While I think this guy is a complete putz, I would like to make a comment on the parents.
Within minutes of Terri's death (the future one, not the one that happened 14 years ago), her parents will come out of the hospice and say that "Terri is now with God." And with that comment, everyone will take solice. Why can't they even grasp that future solice now? When did it become a horrible thing for religious people to want their children's suffering to end and for them to be with God?
I don't know that it has become a "horrible thing for religious people to want their children's suffering to end and for them to be with God?" I'm sure many parents would have and do react in this manner. I wonder if maybe Terri's parents might have been able to let go more gracefully if Michael had allowed them more leeway. I mentioned in one of my blog posts that I think they might have had an easier time if they could've tried therapy and it had failed. There was a tremendous lack of closure in this case, and blame for that rests with many parties.
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