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Thursday, January 24, 2008

One, One Awesome Web Site!

Ah, hah hah!

If you like counting with Sesame Street's Count, then this site is for you. Just click on the picture of the Count off the front page and, voila!, 58! Fifty-eight wonderful clips of the Count... counting!

Ah, hah hah!
I am a big fan of "Lamb-baa-baa" (the count's take on counting sheep via the '80s Lambada craze). ...And you deem *this* a post? Perhaps you are still just licking your wounds after last weekend? I saw Packers scarves on clearance for $2.18 at JoAnn Fabrics. How sad. Even the crafters have given up the hope.
Hey-- it has a title and everything. So, yes [squares shoulders firmly] it is a post.

As to the Pack-- well, the game was almost physically painful to watch, but since we never really deserved to have a chance to win I wasn't too devastated that we did not. My biggest regret right now is that NE and the Giants are 2 of my 5 least favorite teams in the NFL. So I'd really like both of them to lose.

Which is unlikely to happen, unfortunately.
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