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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My beloved Green Bay Packers are 8-1. I am happy.

I also apologize for the misgivings and second-guessings I tossed out two years ago regarding the hiring of Mike McCarthy to be the Packers' head coach. The dude is money and he does not appear to be at all ready to rest on his laurels. Which is music to my ears.

While the Pack is by no means on a level with the Patriots or Colts-- those two are head, shoulders and probably waists above the rest of the league-- I do think they are in the top 5 teams in the league. Not too shabby for the youngest team in the NFL with a 2nd year head coach and only one real name player on the squad.

Go Pack, Go!
Hey, we're Packer fans.

Misgivings and second-guessing is the way we show our love.
Oh, and not only is 8-1 totally wacky and giddy-inducing, but shutting out the Vikings?

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