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Monday, October 08, 2007

Sheboygan's Shame

Sheboygan is a nice Wisconsin city on the shores of Lake Michigan. About an hour north of Milwaukee, it is large enough to have most of the amenities of modern life without having completely lost the essence of small-town Wisconsin. A very nice place to visit, and more than likely a nice place to settle down and raise a family.

But man do they have a dreadful judge on the bench up there. Two recent sentences from Sheboygan judge James Bolgert make you wonder what concept of justice this gentlemen believes in. He seems to value the lives and rights of the convicted (key point-- in both cases the defendant had already been convicted of the crime) over those of the innocent victims.

In the first case heard before Bolgert, a man and his brother made a woman's life complete hell for nearly a year. She feared for both her own and her son's life. Over the course of ten months she received over 50 threatening letters that got progressively more graphic and violent in their nature. The letters would include details of her daily activities-- the two men, brothers David and Thomas Goetsch, were watching her and knew her routines. They threatened to burn down the homes of her clients-- the woman was a real estate agent-- and subscribed her to pornographic magazines. Several of the letters threatened to kill her by a particular date.

Both men admitted to their crimes-- the only question was how long of a sentence they would receive. The maximum for David-- the chief donkey in the equation and "brains" behind the stalking-- was 12 years. David's brother Thomas , who merely helped and is apparently somewhat mentally slow, could have received an unspecified term that would have been shorter than 12 years.

This poor woman's life was turned into a living nightmare for ten months. She feared for her own life and her son's. Her business suffered-- would you want a realtor who was being stalked by two nutjobs threatening to burn down houses? She feared to open her windows and couldn't sleep at night. She was subjected to this for no reason at all.

The DA in the case was asking for the max of 12 years for David and the victim was at the sentencing to make her plea to have the two men put away for a long time. 12 years was probably unlikely since Goetsch pleaded for a second chance and appeared remorseful, but a sentence of at least 6-8 years seems a nobrainer, don't you think?

Judge Bolgert gave the accomplice, Thomas, probation and David, the chief stalker, 18 months. Minus time served. Hardly more of his life than he stole from this poor woman, not even factoring in the longterm effects his terrorism of her will undoubtedly cause her and her son. Pathetic and disgusting. Abhorrent. Despicable. Unbelievable.

But perhaps better than the result of another recent trial in Sheboygan overseen by Bolgert. In the second case a 28 year old man-- an illegal alien to boot-- pleaded no contest to repeated sexual contact with a 15 year old girl. A young girl who is now pregnant with the man's child. For that crime, Gregorio Dedios could have received up to 25 years in prison. For reasons unknown, the DA in this case recommended only 18 months of imprisonment for Dedios. For reasons completely unfathomable, Judge Bolgert thought that was too much and gave him only 8 months-- and then knocked time served off of the sentence meaning he will serve only an additional three months.

3 months. For repeated sexual assault on a 15 year old girl.

Ye gods, what a disgrace Judge Bolgert is to the concept of justice. I have to believe that a few tears were leaking out from beneath Lady Justice's blindfold after these two sentences.

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Some people are getting fed-up.

25 September 2007 - A man in Kelso, Washington, who was accused of making obscene phone calls to children, was shot at close range with a small-caliber firearm.

04 October 2007 - A woman has recently started serving her six month sentence for killing the man who allegedly raped her daughter nine years ago. When the alleged rapist asked her what she was going to do about it, she fired five shots at him, reloaded, and fired five more shots at him. One juror stated that, had she not reloaded, he would have voted to acquit.

09 October 2007 - Two men are accused of burning down the house of a man who was sentenced to five years probation with no jail time for the sexual explioitation of a minor. They are also facing murder charges since the convicted sex offender's wife was killed in the fire.

Failure to enforce or sentence will eventually lead some people to take matters into their own hands. It doesn't make the resulting vigilantes right, but the government can keep that from happening more regularly by making sure that enforcement is stepped-up and that sentencing matches the severity of the crime.

What happens when the woman who has been stalked is confronted again by one or both of the brothers? They most likely won't obey a restraining order, and the police can't do anything unless it can be shown that a law has been broken. The fear and frustration created by this is often what causes the victim to finally lash out at the unrestrained aggressor.

It reminds me of a story I heard recently, although I don't know that it is anything more than an urban legend. A man calls the police to report two people breaking into his shed, and the dispatcher says that they will send someone out. The two people take off with his property and, 45 minutes later, they return to grab more. The man calls the police again, noting that the two people are back and wondering what is taking so long. The dispatcher assures him that they will get a squad out as soon as possible, but they are very busy. A minute later the man calls the police back, explains that he is the person who has called twice about his shed being robbed, and informs them that the police don't need to hurry any longer because he shot the two suspects. A squad promptly arrives a few minutes later.

Failure to enforce or sentence can cause victims to become criminals when they end-up doing what the government entities that exist to protect them are unable to do.
judge bolgert creates a hell for a lotta innicent people while releasing criminals, he should be impeached and jailed, for his continual criminal conduct. It seems he is having some sort of mental problems that removes his reasoning ability. How is it that he continues to judge?
A man who pled no contest to abusing a 6 year old girl was sentenced to 9 months in huber, and the possibility of electronic monitoring. Bolgert needs to leave the bench! Little does he know the child abuser escaped, and is now returning to court. Bolgert is only allowing criminals to believe they can continue hurting people.
Judge james Bolgert is bizarre, almost unbelievable in what he does to people without credible evidence to convict them yet suppresses the evidence that would exonerate tjhem.

Allow himself to be used in international bank fraud using false affidavits to support accusations of of a gypsy woman who did as requested.

In 1974 after the bankster targeted his victim, he contacted the gypsy asking her to file a complaint she had been abandoned with child in 1974 with the Bankster to back up her statement the innocent man was found guilty as he was unable to present any case, not being notified of proceedings against him because he had moved out of country in 1972, making it impossible to have conceived the gypsy woman child the child possible of the man she had been living with for 4 years.

The man from out of country had developed an engineering design company worth millions operating independently of banks or investors . The the bankster arranged for the case to be reopened after it was closed. With authorities from another country requesting bolgert reopen the case so they could deport the man with business and family as arranged by the bankster.

The request from a foreign power to act against an American citizen if done is a clear case of treasm because such claims are federal jurisdiction, and no state judge may act in the realm of federal jurisdiction which bolgert did.

The case is long and complex as designed by the international bank fraud bankster .

The wisconsin innocence project which existed after 2000 undertook,this misjustice but was fired by Tommy thompson. They then gave the file to the innocent man and told him to take it o any family lawyer, which he did. The lawyer then filed bankruptcy FORMTHE innocent man as nolgert demanded 60,000 after destroying th mans company or source of income.

When the federal judge heard what happened he supoened sheboygan authority to federal court in an effort to,resolve the legal nightmare for an innocent man. Bolgert refused to appear in federal court, after the 3rd hearing the federal judge told the lawyer he would agree to anything. The lawyer did not request the case be ended there AMD allowed nolgert to resurrect the 60,000 $ lien after 5 years which is what he did. Which ended the innocent mans developing his company once more, and in fact disabled his right to a passport, ending his access to assets required to operate the engineering design company he had setup in another country, no longer able to go there until the phony case was purged from the record .

This another of bolgerts victims involving treason so another man could swindle bolgerts victim out of 10,000$ +
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