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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Manny Ramirez: A Turd For All Seasons

Game four of the American League Championship Series pitted the host Cleveland Indians against the Boston Red Sox with the Indians holding a two games to one advantage. Top of the 6th inning and Kevin Youkilis leads off with a home run! The next batter, David Ortiz, hits a home run! The Indians make a pitching switch and during the delay the on air commentators noted that no team had ever hit back to back to back home runs in the ALCS.

Next batter-- Manny Ramirez. He works the count to 3 and 2 and then smacks a ball DEEP into right center field. As the ball leaves his bat he pauses, drops the bat, and holds his hands up in celebration. Slowly, and very dramatically, he begins to saunter-- perhaps swagger would be a better description-- down the first base line and it is not until he has almost reached first base that he breaks into a slow jog. Still pumping his fists and wearing an F You grin for all the Indians' fans.

All of which would be annoying and egotistical and self-aggrandizing if Ramirez had just won the game. But at least you could sort of understand his celebration. The puzzling thing about Ramirez' reaction, however, was that his home run made the score 7-3... in favor of the INDIANS! All Manny's long ball did was to cut a late inning deficit in a crucial playoff game from five runs to four runs. The Red Sox failed to score from that point on and are now in a 3-1 hole in the seven game series heading into tonight's game.

It was truly the most shockingly blatant Me Me Me ME ME! first moment I have ever seen by an athlete. Which is saying something in today's world of overhyped, pampered and completely self-centered professional athletes. Honestly, Ramirez grandstanded almost as much as Barry Bonds when Bonds' broke the all-time home run record.

Yo! Manny! You super-sized turd of a man. The goal is to WIN you brain dead donkey, not celebrate individual achievements that have no effect on the final outcome of the game.

The very next day Manny pops off about how losing to the Indians won't "be the end of the world." While true in a cosmic sense, I have to say that this is not the attitude I'd want to see from the players if I were a Red Sox fan (which I am not, nor will I ever be). Actually, I'd have to say that this is exactly the OPPOSITE of the attitude I'd like to see from members of my team.

Simple math in my opinion: Individual Glory + Team Result Indifference = Complete Turd


I like how passionate you get about baseball.

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Even as a Red Sox fan (which I am, have been since birth-- it's in the family), I have to say that Manny can come off as a real jerk.

Even as a die-hard fan, I'm finding the Rockies/Red Sox match-up a bit of a strain... we lived in Boulder when the Rockies first came to Colorado, so they hold a special place in our hearts...

...second to the Sox, of course! ;)
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