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Friday, September 28, 2007

Time For Change

I have reservations about Mr. Obama, but of the Dem front-runners he is easily my favorite. The most basic reason-- something different and we need different right now.

Hillary is... well, not new. Clinton name, Clinton ability to parse things, Clinton tendency to say whatever is expedient at the time to the point where you don't really take anything she says at face value. Been there done that, and Hillary has none of Bill's personal charisma or ability to find consensus amongst divergent viewpoints.

Edwards is new, but then again he isn't. Retread from last campaign and I just can't shake the facts that a) He basically made his fortune as an ambulance chasing lawyer and b) He seems like an intellectual lightweight.

Obama is new, truly and unquestionably. Which may be his biggest question mark-- does he have the experience needed to run the country? Personally, I'm comfortable that he does and with that outsiderness comes a welcome alternative perspective from both Washington insiders and from the intellectual incuriosity of the Bush administration. This post sums it up pretty well for me.

On the Republican side... sigh. I don't like any of the front runners. Rudy is a tyrannical dictator and micro-manager. Pass. McCain I still like, but his soul has been irreversible tainted by his efforts to kowtow to the religious right-- plus I'm not even sure he's a front runner any more. Romney? Probably the best of the big 4, but I am less than enthused. Seems to have the Clinton's tendency to say one thing to one constituency and something quite different to the next. Fred Thompson? Ugh. I never liked his "aw shucks" down-hominess on TV and I definitely don't want it for my president. Just not buying what he's selling, I guess.

Ron Paul is unquestionably the best Republican candidate and, quite frankly, the best Democratic one as well. He has actual strength in his convictions, he believes in the Constitution, he wants the government out of everything they have no business being in, he's fiscally rock solid and he's actually a nice guy. My only reservation is his isolationist foreign relations stance, but even that might not be so bad at this point in history.

Ron Paul all the way!


A blogger going by the handle of "The Catholic Knight" seems to be enamored by Ron Paul, too. He has a post in which he suggests that a recent endorsement for Paul from the Constitution Party's 2004 presidential candidate could be a precursor to a Constitution Party/Libertarian Party joint effort to nominate Paul. Further, TCK presents the possibility that a three-way race with Ron Paul would draw votes away from the Republicans, and that the best way for the Republicans to avoid a Democratic Party win would be to nominate Paul as the Republican candidate.

I personally think that if the Republicans ran Ron Paul, then a lot of conservatives would boycott the voting booth as they did in 2006, and that would still ensure a victory for the Democrats.

No matter what the outcome, you'll see change. The big question is whether or not you will like the change that you get.
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