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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hello? Anyone There?

This thing on? Hello? (tap tap)

Hey, good to see you everyone! (Crickets chirping quietly)

Okay, yeah it's been a while. My bad. Furiously hammering away at the historical treatise on Caledonia Township, Racine County, Wisconsin over the last two months plus try to drink the last, sweet dregs of summer before it gets chilly up nort here, eH?

Anyway. Book is 99.934% done (now I just have to niggle out all the publishing stuff with the Caledonia Historical Society) and the first month of school is almost over (usually a hectic time).

So. So. So.

I'm back BAYBEE! Packers, politics, punditry, calls for reason, unbridled scathing eviscerations! All back.

Pity no one is here to hear them. Well... time to drum up some readers.


Well, glad to hear it's just the "usual" and not that you were victims of flooding over there (or "out east" or "down there"?)

Anyhow, welcome back...
Thanks mama h. The flooding was all west and south of me. We're actually on fairly high ground with good drainage down to the Root River, so it would take near Biblical proportion flooding to get us. That said, the heavy rain has made the mosquito population absolutely absurd.

I hate mosquitoes.
I was worried! Glad to see you back.
Perhaps this is an old joke, but our real estate agent told us when we moved here that the mosquito was the official Wisconsin state bird... little did I suspect how right he could be!

However, in these here parts I must say that the mosquito is in hot competition with the horsefly. But perhaps that's just 'cause we're a bit rural out here...
Good to see you back, Nick.
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