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Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Know What I Like

and I Like What I Know...

Only one of the songs that was really cool to see live-- from 1976. It was on VH1 Classic Concert, and it was Tony, Phil, Mike and Steve during their Trick of the Tail tour. Phil had a full beard and mustache and a full-head of hair. I literally did not recognize him at first. Mike had long straight hair down to about the middle of his back and no facial hair at all. Tony, interestingly enough, looked almost no different. A bit younger.

They did the Carpet Crawl, most of TotT, I Know What I Like and Supper's Ready. I'm sure there was more, but that's all that made it onto VH1. The live version of Entangled was extremely effective, and I had never before heard that song live. Haunting. Tony Banks playing the... lute? The harmonies between Phil, Mike and Tony were really quite lovely.

Not a lot of staging. No real light show or any sort of display. But still really, really cool.


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