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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We're All Anteaters Now

UC-Irvine has the coolest mascot in the world, the Anteaters. A small, public school in Orange County, UCI has no baseball tradition, no rich alumni, no public notoriety. They are currently playing in the College World Series, a stage normally reserved for the Arizona State's, Miami's and Texas's of the college world. They have already accomplished something no other team in CWS history has managed-- winning two extra inning games in two consecutive days.

Now the upstart Eaters must beat the Oregon State Beavers today, and again tomorrow, to make it to the championships of the CWS. Having played Saturday, Monday (14 innings) and yesterday (10 innings), I don't know what UCI has left for pitchers, but I know I'll be pulling for them today at 5 pm CT.

BTW, should you wish to make an Anteater of your own while watching the game on ESPN, you can. Hold your index and little finger up (anteater ears) while sticking your two middle fingers straight out (anteater nose) and putting your thumb between the undersides of the two middle fingers (rest of anteater head). Kinda like doing the rock n' roll "devil" sign except with the middle fingers extended instead of curled.

Go Eaters!


Ever heard of the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs? Now that has to be the weirdest mascot ever...
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