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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation Blogging

Actually, my vacation was last week, but it's taken me until Thursday to catch up. So, here are a couple of pics from our time up in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin:

The picture on the left is from some fireworks I shot off over Lake Michigan on one of our evenings up there. They turned out pretty nice-- scared the ever loving crap (possibly literally) out of the seagulls and geese that hang out near the shore. The one on the right are my two kiddies-- yikes they are growing up too fast-- wading ashore. Though Lake Michigan is quite deep, there is a shelf that goes out quite a ways before a rapid dropoff, so you can wade out 100 feet or more with the water only coming up to your waist or thereabouts.

One last pic-- my wife fulfills a longtime dream of hers with the arrival of this beauty:

She has named this lovely Harley Davidson Sportster, Sally. I have been assured that there is even a possibility of my being able to ride Sally at some unspecified point in the future.


It is a really sweet bike, and now I can say I'm married to a biker chick, so that's very cool.


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