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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random Bits

Some common misconceptions about fuel mileage as the price of gasoline continues to rise.

There is a service today for Frank Fabiono, Jr., a Kenosha County Sheriff's Deputy killed last week during a routine traffic stop. Trouble was that the person he stopped was high on cocaine, drunk out of his mind, and an illegal alien to boot. Oh, and he has a criminal record extending across three states and had just bought a gun from a gang member.

Governor Doyle forgets his 2002 pledge to decrease the size of state government, not increase property taxes, and he continues to play shell games with various funds and fee increases. A bigger donkey in the governor's mansion is hard for me to imagine. And does he honestly believe that if the state of Wisconsin taxes "big oil" that said "big oil" won't find a way to pass that on to the consumers? I submit that as wily and shrewd as Jim Doyle is, there's not a chance of that-- so he is merely posturing and pandering. Not that anyone is surprised by that, I'm sure, he is a politician after all.

The 3rd and final (yeah right) film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise comes out this weekend-- just in time for my birthday!-- and I am curious to see it. #2 wasn't as fresh or intriguing as #1, but it was pretty good, and Johnny Depp is a fun actor to watch, even if he tends to be a bit of dope in real life. I do have trouble suspending my disbelief that ANYBODY would be willing to go through half of what Orlando Bloom's and Keira Knightley's characters go through for Jack Sparrow, but that's a minor complaint in the rollocking good fun.

Finally, as we leave the 1/4 pole of the perposterously long major league baseball season in the rearview mirror, my Milwaukee Brewers are still firmly in first place in the National League Central. Yes, they've cooled off a bit from the blistering pace of early May, but they are still playing really good baseball, and in the ridiculously long MLB regular season there are going to be several ups and downs for every team. The reason I believe they are a legitimate playoff caliber team is that their pitching is by far the best it has been since the early '90's, and they are playing together-- as a team. Chemistry is important in all sports, but I think baseball is second only to football in terms of the importance of team chemistry.

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And just HOW is Johnny Depp a "dope" in your book? I love the man myself, but perhaps that's just because I'm a bleeding heart liberal with a penchant for the dark silent types...

Happy pre-Birthday to you...
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