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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

If Only

this report weren't from The Onion. But, sadly, it is, and in a few weeks Barry Bonds will pass Hank Aaron for the all-time homerun record. Barry Bonds is a cheater and a turd, and it is a shame that he will hold the record. I watched a few highlights of games yesterday after enjoying my Brewers winning yet again-- still the best record in baseball-- and Barry Bonds' character was summed up nicely by the "bonus" coverage of his at bats.

In the first "bonus" coverage, Barry hits a sharp grounder to second base, easily snagged by the defense. The second baseman throws to first base, and Barry is just barely visible in the picture because he is WALKING down the first base line. On a groundball to an infielder, Barry can't even be bothered to jog, much less run hard, down the line. The donkey cares not a whit about his team, nor baseball, nor anything but himself and his glory-- even if the second baseman had bobbled the ball, tripped over his own feet getting up, and then slipped onto his butt, he still would have had time to throw out Bonds.

Later, "bonus" coverage showed Bonds ripping a ball to right center field for a homerun. Bonds disdainfully drops his bat, raises his arms in the air, and does a slow jog around the bases, clearly soaking in the adulation of the misguided San Franciso fans.

Classy guy.


I do believe you are becoming a turdaholic. How about some woots rather than turds? I think we could all use a pick-me-up.
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