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Friday, May 04, 2007

ESL: Sports Edition

So, I'm used to the Wisconsin sports teams getting a bit of short shrift from the national press-- the Wisconsin football and basketball teams have had to prove themselves for years before they get anywhere near the respect that other "established" schools get. Before Brett Favre was a legend, back when the Packers were perennial doormats, it took several years of playoff appearances before the Pack got anywhere close to the attention that Dallas or San Francisco got.

This isn't unique to us-- New England suffered through the same thing in the early Bill Belichick days, and most "mid-major" schools still get short shrift in college athletics, despite all of their successes in recent years. It's the nature of the beast-- large markets get covered more thoroughly since there is a larger customer base there, and teams with a reputation for winning get to live off that reputation for many years, even if they aren't winning like they used to.

I have therefore been unsurprised that the Milwaukee Brewers have been a little bit... underreported, despite having the best record in Major League Baseball. Oh there's the occassional "special report" on how well they are doing, but in the day to day link listings on sites like espn.com and sportsline.com, the first links are nearly always to the Red Sox game, the Yankees game, the Mets game, the Braves game and possibly an Indians, Twins, White Sox or Dodgers game.

Watchagonnado? The Yankees are the Yankees, and despite sucking out loud this year, they are still the Yankees. I get that. But. When the Brewers FINALLY do make the link list, why does it have to be for something bad? And particuarly, why does it have to be for something bad THAT DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN?!?

That was today's link at sportsline.com (no longer there, thankfully, though now there are TWO links to the Yankees' game, and none for the Brewers). Bad enough that we get linked for a game we lost, but the sportsline people couldn't even get their facts straight! The link should read "Bucs keep Brewers from going 10 games over .500", something which the Brewcrew hasn't accomplished in 15 years. The Pirates most definitely did NOT keep the Brewers under .500, as they still have the best record in the National League at 18-10. Little bit of a difference between being UNDER .500 and not being 10 games OVER .500, don'tchathink?

Bugrit, millenium hand and shrimp. I'm tired of being the Rodney Dangerfield of sports.

Go Brewers!

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