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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All the Birds Come Home to Roost

Or since I'm talking about the Milwaukee McGee's, perhaps it should be All the Turds Come Home to Roost. Regardless, Michael McGee, Sr. recently lost his racist, hate filled radio show after ripping on the mother of conservative Milwaukee talk radio host, Charlie Sykes-- oh, and the mother of Sykes had just died when McGee decided to rip into her and Charlie.

Yesterday, a months long state and federal investigation of Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee, Jr. resulted in his arrest for bribery, extortion, and various other crimes that remain sealed. From the details in the criminal complaint, it appears that the feds have McGee Jr. on tape shaking down multiple business owners in his district for bribes in return for his support for licensing and other issues. It's possible that McGee Jr. will wiggle his way out of this one the way he wiggled out of his arrest for resisting an officer, his arrest for threatening to kill the woman pregnant with his child, and various allegations of perjury and violating a restraining order. But I doubt it-- with the Feds on board, and McGee on tape discussing dollar amounts it's going to be awfully hard to argue he was set up, or that it was a mistake.

Bonus ironic tidbit: It also appears that part of the money McGee received for shaking business owners down went directly to the lawyer he hired to help him defend himself against recall attempts by members of his district. The reason they were attempting to recall McGee? Because he was a corrupt, power-hungry politician who seemed to bring nothing but bad publicity to his district.

Karma-- don't mess with it. It might take a while, but it catches up with you eventually.

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I don't know the truth of McGee's guilt, and you don't either, and neither does Charlie Sykes or any of the white guys exulting about the arrest.

I've met him and worked with him, and he's not the anti-white terrorist he gets portrayed as by the white conservative talkers. I'm not defending him- he wouldn't be the first politician who has misused their offices. But that's for Biskupic and the court, eh?

Joel McNally has a good article about it in the Shepherd: http://www.shepherd-express.com/permalink.lasso?ei|177375.113121|The_McGee_Test

One pertinent quote: "White Milwaukeeans question how blacks could possibly withhold condemnation of McGee in the face of criminal charges, but it never occurs to them to examine their own eagerness to see McGee removed from office even before there was any evidence of wrongdoing."
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