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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yeah, What He Said

Andrew Sullivan links to a great interview with Jon Rauch, and I recommend reading the whole thing. The part Sullivan highlights, however, deals with Rauch's political identity-- or lack thereof-- and I really identify with Rauch's response. It sums up my own take on politics and political parties quite nicely.

Favorite bit:
Rauch: I don't tell my vote, my specific vote, but over time, my votes have been pretty much esoteric, like my writing. I feel very much emotionally like part of the marginalized middle. That isn't to say that all my views are wishy-washy and that I'm halfway between Republicans and Democrats, but I do feel myself to be one of these independent voters who is kind of left behind by a political system biased in favor of people who fit into neat boxes and have extreme views. And I vote like an independent.
The marginalized middle. Yup, that's me.
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