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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tidbits and Oddities

Nothing coherent to this post except for its total lack of coherency-- which works for me.

Thanks to near blizzard conditions in Cleveland, the Indians are wrapping up a mid-week series of games today-- at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Shades of Major League, where the actual baseball game footage was shot at Milwaukee County Stadium, though the film was about a fictional Cleveland Indians team. Bernie Brewer was gracious enough to allow Slider, the Indians' bizarre mascot-type... thing... to slide down Bernie's slide when the Indians hit a home run. And, of course, the sausages race after the sixth inning. So far this year the Italian has been dominating, though I don't know the results from the Cleveland games.

Given the snow in Cleveland, and for that matter, the snow here in Wisconsin yesterday, I have to question the sanity, or at least the intelligence, of Minnesotans who are willing to pay for a baseball stadium, but won't pay extra for a roof. Eh, what's a foot of snow and sub-zero temperatures to Minnesotans, eh? After all their football team plays outside, right?

Sticking with baseball for the nonce, the Brewers swept a rare header-and-a-half against the Florida Marlins yesterday. Their Tuesday night game was called after ten innings when the third rain delay of the game showed no signs of letting up. On Wednesday night, they played the 11th, 12th, and 13th innings, at which point the Brewers finally won, 3-2. After a brief break, they played the regularly scheduled game, which the Brewers won, 5-2. I am encouraged by the Brewers play, as their pitching so far has been excellent, and they seem to be getting their offense into gear. Once Bill Hall remembers how to hit, they are going to be a very good team. Wow, I haven't said that about the Brewers since the early '90s.

Sports related, sortof, but not baseball is this story of a man who drove a zamboni drunk-- which is apparently not illegal. Moral of the story, it's ok to drive four-ton machinery with a bellyfull of Sambuca and valium as long as it can't carry passengers and isn't usable on a highway.

Totally un-sports related tidbit. If you ever want a truly mind-bending experience, watch The Sopranos on HBO-Lat. Seeing Tony and the other big, burly Italian goombahs speaking with Spanish overdubs is... really, really bizarre.

Final tidbit: Amazingly, Michele Malkin is actually right about something. I don't get to write that very often. Not so amazingly, the quote at the end of her post illustrates quite clearly that Snoop Dog is not only an idiot, he's a misogynistic, bigoted, belligerent idiot.

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In regards to the Twins' new ballpark, not only do they plan to have it be an open-air stadium, but they are also building it next to the refuse incinerator that burns an average of 365,000 tons of garbage per year.

"The proposed ballpark will rise out of what is now a surface parking lot located just north of the Target Center and just south of the Hennepin Energy Resource Company -- often referred to as the garbage burner or by the acronym HERC."
MN Public Radio, 22 May 2006

In 2010, baseball fans can watch the Twins' home opener and enjoy the fresh, spring air (complete with the occasionally pungent aroma of burning waste).

And you thought they were a little crazy just for not having a roof.
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