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Monday, April 02, 2007

Play Ball!

Remarkably, national baseball "pundits" are picking the Brewers to be good this year. Not just ok, but actually good-- contend for the division title good. Granted, pundits know only slightly more than your average lichen-covered rock, but it's still refreshing to see. 'Course, now the Brew Crew has to go out and actually live up to, or exceed, expectations, but there is excitement over the Brewers that hasn't been experienced here since the mid-eighties.

Opening strong is always a good thing, too, and Ben Sheets just finished off one of the most exquisite opening day pitching performances I've ever "watched" (it was online, so I couldn't actually see it, but still). A two-hit gem, as Milwaukee rolled over the Los Angeles Dodgers, 7-1. Generally, it takes a little while for the pitching and defense to get in a groove, so early season games tend to be dominated by hitting-- not the case for Sheets, who gave up just a 2nd inning home run and a ninth inning double while striking out three and walking none. Absolutely brilliant performance.

Long, long season. But a great start for the home team!

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