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Monday, April 23, 2007

ESL: Internet Scam Edition

So, I got another "Please excuse me, but even though I've never met you I'll send you $5 million if you just help me out-- oh, and I need you savings account info" email. No surprise, I'm sure most of us get at least two of those a week. But this one was... different. I think they have a room full of chimpanzees, randomly banging away on keyboards, figuring one of them will write an email close to what they want. Thusly:
I am Mr Gilbert Mercier On the occasion of the WEEDING of my son, I would l ike to reserve your establishment for the periode from May 05th till May 10Th.

I would thus like that you make(do) me a valuable proposition for the rent this day. I clarify you that this rent is foreseen 04 persons all in all,This known as I wish knowledge if you Accept remote payments by credit card.
Errr... right. Sorry to hear about your son being weeded, Mr. Mercier, but I'm not sure how reserving my establishment in early May will ease your pain. The email reminds me of my few small attempts at Babelfish poems.

Do you think they ran their standard "please help a rich Belizian merchant" letter through the Babelfish translator and back again and THEN sent it out?


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