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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thank God For the Thin Mints

They salvaged March Madness for me over the weekend. First Marquette lies down and plays dead on Thursday, then the Badgers nearly lose to a 15 seed on Friday before being the highest seeded team to lose thus far. Blech. The Badgers were never the same after losing Brian Butch-- a lot of their offense relied on feeding the ball inside, then having Butch hit the cutting Alando Tucker or passing back out to an open Kam Taylor. Without Butch, they became mostly a jump shooting team, and when their shots stopped falling and the other teams started falling, they were in trouble.

Sigh. It is a shame-- at their peak, back in January and February, the Badgers really were the best team in the country. They were a legitimate Final Four team a month ago. Sadly on Sunday, they were only pretty good, and lost to a UNLV team that is also pretty good, and was making its shots.


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