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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

MM: Significant Lack of Madness

This has to be the dullest NCAA Tournament ever. Some of the games have been fantastic, no doubt, but the near total absence of upsets has made the whole thing seem a bit... humdrum. The Final Four are two 1 seeds and two 2 seeds. The final 8 was no better, four #1s, three #2s and a #3. Even the Sweet Sixteen saw only two teams seeded higher than a 5, and no teams seeded higher than 7.

No Cinderella's this year-- Cinderella got shotdown early and often. Lot of pumpkins, no glass slippers.

Which is too bad. Part of the charm and appeal of the Big Dance-- part of the Madness of this two and a half week tourney in March-- is when midnight doesn't strike until the Elite Eight or even the Final Four. I'll watch the Final Four because all three games promise to be good ones, but I don't really care who wins.
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