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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

MM: My Picks

Not all of them-- which would be a considerable amount, since I have now filled out and submitted six different brackets. I honestly believe that if you wanted to, and were willing to put in a bit of effort, you could enter 100 different free NCAA tournament pools. But even though each of the six is a tad bit different, each of them has a number of similarities. So, here's a synopsis:

I have Georgetown winning it all twice, and Florida, Ohio State, UCLA and Wisconsin winning it all once (the Wisconsin pick being a total homer selection-- I don't think they have the horses to win it all without Brian Butch). I really like Georgetown, and I think their bracket is comparatively easy-- North Carolina is good, but not a #1, and Washington State is a weak #3. Ohio State I like just because their bracket is even easier, but I think they are too young to win six straight high pressure games against top level competition.

I picked against Duke in every single one of my brackets. They don't deserve to be a 6 seed, and the basketball gods know it-- Duke will lose on something fluky, a bad call, a missed free throw by their best free throw shooter, to a good VCU team.

I think the 12 v. 5 upset special goes down the drain this year. The only 12 that's any good is Old Dominion, so take them if you must pick a 12, but the other three 12s are meat. My final four of choice is Florida, UCLA, Georgetown and Ohio State. My alternate in each bracket is Wisconsin, Kansas, Texas and Louisville.

My upset specials in the first round are: Winthrop over Notre Dame, Gonzaga over Indiana, Albany over Virginia and George Washington over Vanderbilt. I like Winthrop and GW because neither Notre Dame or Vandy plays well away from home. I like the Zags because they play great as the underdog, the Hoosiers also don't play that great away from home, and the game is in Sacremento. And I like Albany because they're pretty good and because Virginia is from the greatly over-hyped ACC. VCU over Duke, too, of course, but I already mentioned that.

Tomorrow will rock. I have Thin Mints and milk for the weekend.

God I love this time of the year.


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