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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Best Governor Money Can Buy?

Before the '06 election, Wisconsin Govern Jim Doyle's administration was under investigation for possible improprieties relating to a travel agency. Seems Adelman Travel received a large state travel contract very shortly after the company made a generous donation to the Doyle campaign. The governor also received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state's Native American tribes both before and after he signed gambling compacts with those tribes amounting to billions of dollars in revenue. And there's a new UWM housing complex going up on the east side of Milwaukee which seems to have been steered, somewhat ham-fistedly, to a contractor that has donated large sums to, you guessed it, Jim Doyle's re-election campaign.

Color me unsurprised then, to discover that another huge donor to the Doyle administration is under investigation for receiving special consideration from state agencies. This time it's Dennis Troha, who owns a trucking company in Kenosha, and who received rather a lot of assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, headed by Frank Busalacchi a longtime Doyle supporter and appointee. Seems the Wisconsin DoT sent a couple of its lawyers to Pennsylvania to help Troha's trucking company on a tax case there. Wonder why they did that?

Oh, and of course, there's this. Seems Troha may also have funneled a bit more money than he was actually legally allowed. Why would he do that? The answer is, as you might have guessed, money. Enough to make the hundreds of thousands he sent Jim Doyle's way look like a pittance.

How many similar situations does there have to be before it becomes a pattern? Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. Right?

Well, what about the third, fourth, and fifth time?


Yea, why didn't I get that design contract for that dorm? damn, I forget my donations.

The Troha thing is egregious, it's true. Doyle is not living up to Thompson's legacy: Tommy was always so much better at hiding his graft.

Mynde you, I'm not defending Doyle's actions. I predict that, as a lawyer, his actions are within the letter of the law, if not the spirit.

What I object to, in addition to the idiocy of campaign finance shenanigans, is the self-righteousness of the Republicans in the legislature decrying these dealing when they're on the democratic side, but being blissfully silent on it during the years of Thompson's reign.

The ironic thing is that apparently the highway contractors make out under both administrations. All hail the Concrete Whores!

Mynde you, moose bytes can bi pretty nasti.
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