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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wisconsin Democrats Blow It

The state legislature, with a Democratic majority in the Senate and Republican majority in the House, had a chance to eliminate an unnecessary perk for legislators, but the Democrats didn't want to give up their lovely little bauble. Wisconsin's legislators accumulate sick days during their years in office, even though they don't have to show up for anything if they are sick. Instead, they simply accumulate their sick day benefits, and when they leave office, they can "trade in" that sick day pay that they did not use-- because there was no reason to-- for health care benefits. And the tax payers get to pay for the health care benefits of former legislators.

Here's an editorial on the story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It really is pretty sad. Not only will the current legislature not give up what they've already accumulated, they won't even give up future accumulations-- despite the fact that the concept of a sick day is completely meaningless for state legislators.

I take it back. It isn't sad. It's pathetic.


Actually, my hubby, as a professor, has a similar scenario. The deal with professors, though, is that they basically have to show up to teach or go to faculty meetings NO MATTER WHAT. These guys could be coughing up a lung and would still have to go in. Not sure how it is for legislators, but I think such a system CAN be a fair deal for certain types of state employees who basically are not ALLOWED to take sick days.
Yeah, the Democrats, using their new majority promptly.... did exactly what the Republican majority has been doing previously.

Not saying I'm proud of it, but why are the Democrats culpable when the Republicans have been idle on the same issue for years? Is it possible that now the Legislature is divided, it was seen as a political opportunity, knowing that the measure wouldn't pass?

right now I'm more pissed at Doyle's sell-out of Milwaukee county mass transit.
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