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Friday, February 16, 2007

Summerfest Rocks!

BP is all up in arms that Toby Keith is coming to Summerfest this year, but I am psyched to learn that Roger Waters, the lyricist, bassist, and all around mad genius for my favorite band, Pink Floyd, will headline there on July 2. I haven't been to Summerfest in many years, but I've seen some of my favorite performers there, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, and Peter Gabriel, so adding Roger Waters to that list would be most excellent.
Was Gabriel at Summerfest? I saw the WOMAD show at the Marcus.

I still am out of shape about TK.

Waters is an unbelievable coup though. I'm going for tix, although they're pretty steep.
Also, keep in mind that when I ranted about TK, Waters had not been announced. TK was the only announced show.
I decided that I had to chime in since this was about music.
TK is an idiot, but idiot fans buy his tickets so Summerfest did fine getting him.
Be careful at that Waters show, since there will be a lot of undercover officers looking for all you old stoners.
TK does indeed sell tickets, and Summerfest must have a wide-ranging variety of headliners since it IS 11 days long. 11 straight days of classic rock artists would not work.

I honestly don't remember if Gabriel was at Summerfest or just at the Marcus Ampitheater. I remember it as being Summerfest, but I am not positive about that-- I'll have to check with Andy as I went with him.

I do not believe I have much to worry about at the Waters concert as I am not a stoner in any coherent sense of the word. Though I think I did get a 2nd hand smoke high at the Eric Clapton Summerfest concert when I was about 15.
Meh. Last year we started looking for the UC officers in the crowd. Figures they're not hard to spot.

It's not too damn hard to outsmart the SFest Security detail.

I KNOW Summerfest tries to appeal toall sorts, especially the ones who buy tickets. Doesn't mean I can't mock the people they do book.
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