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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Food For Thought

Orson Scott Card is, as always, thought provoking and well-written. I don't agree with all of this column. For example, in my opinion Rumsfeld was a disaster in a multitude of ways and I am happy he is gone. And I'm unwilling at this time to portray anything Bush has done as "wise", but, I do agree with his big picture analysis that the premature pull-out of our troops in Iraq would disasterous. I'm with John McCain on this one.

I hope Card is right that the troop surge can effect some success in Iraq and that the political process there is not completely and inretrievably lost. I fear he is wrong, and if he is than the world could soon be in a very dangerous place indeed.

For another, sort of, take on the war, take a read through a recent Tuesday Morning Quarterback (no, really). Just below his Non-QB, Non-RB, NFL MVP award piece is a short blurb on the importance of sanitation and what we could've done with the billions we've pumped into the war. Interesting stuff. I don't know that I fully accept it, but interesting nonetheless.

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