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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Coach McCarthy

Last year the Packers hired Mike McCarthy to replace Mike Sherman, and while I had grave doubts about McCarthy-- derisively referring to him as Mike Whatshisname-- he did a pretty good job. Took a very young team and got them to play well together, without losing his veterans, like Brett Favre, Donald Driver and Ahman Green. He was willing to try new things, like using Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila as a pass rush specialist-- which he is good at-- despite the fact that Mike Sherman chose to play him like an every down defensive end after greatly overpaying KGB.

I would have preferred Sean Payton, sure, but short of that, McCarthy did as good a job as anybody, imo, including Eric Mangini. So, kudos to Ted Thompson, and a pat on the back for McCarthy-- thanks for bringing sanity back to Green Bay, and please do an even better job next year, since it will almost certainly be Favre's last season.

And, of course, when I read articles like this one, and think about some of the truly horrible coaching searches conducted recently... yeah, good call on Mike McCarthy!
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