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Friday, February 16, 2007

Best Take on Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway is a donkey, no question about it. In case you have been paying no attention to the sports world, or news in general, former NBA guard Tim Hardaway went on an in-depth rant against gay people a few days ago. This occurred in an interview when Hardaway was asked about former NBA bench warmer, John Amaechi, who recently revealed that he was gay in his autobiography.

Often in times like these-- unconfortable, awkward places where prejudice, rationality, understanding, hate, and a myriad other emotions all muddle together-- humor can offer a solution, or at least a respite. Enter The Onion, the most brilliant satirical newspaper ever written. Here's their take on the story.

Gotta love it.
Do you think anyone is actually shocked at what Tim Hardaway said? I guess we probably *should* be, but I certainly am not.
No? I am. Mostly because he said it in an interview that would easily translate to national media outlets. Which is to say, am I shocked that people think that way? No. But I am shocked that someone who thinks that way would be so open about it.
Glen Beck had a great piece on this on his radio show yesterday. Basically, Tim Hardaway is just a dumb idiot - and a bigot, it turns out - so it doesn't surprise me at all.
I was surprised by Hardaway, although the more I think about it, I shouldn't have been.
However, his comments will have a perfect effect: first, he will be forever considered an idiot and his opinions will now be correctly disregarded; second, people won't necessarily blow off the argument that you can't be a gay man in professional sports; and third, John Amaechi will sell more books.
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