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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Label, label, label

One of the funnier lines from the Alister Sim version of A Christmas Carol. Scrooge is in his post-ghost visitation giddiness, and wants to send a huge turkey to Bob Cratchit. He needs a label to put the address on and initially can't find one, so he's poking around his desk mumbling "Label, label, label" and grinning like a lunatic. Most excellent.

Anyway. This is relavent because Blogger recently upgraded to include the use of labels in it's interface, so my new posts will all be "labeled" into a variety of different topic areas. In addition, I have retrospectively labeled many, though not all since the process is rather clunky to do retrospectively, of my past 600+ posts.

So, now all of my brilliant observations and random babblings (or at least most of them) are available all nicely clumped together and easily accessible! Woot.

And I have finished most of the heavy lifting on the history book, so I should be posting more in the near future. Double Woot!


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