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Friday, January 12, 2007

ES&L: Local Paper Edition

As a reminder, my ES&L posts are not English as a Second Language related. Instead, they refer to the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves which examines fractured, disjointed, and misapplied grammar and punctuation. So, my posts highlight particularly amusing or egregious grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in other people's writings.

This one popped out at me from my local newspaper, the Racine Journal Times:

Spot the error? PeAl is a loud sound, the tolling of a bell for example, that resonates and can be heard for a long distance. PeEl, on the other hand, is to remove layers from something to get at what's inside. An easy error to make, yes, but how does that error make it all the way to the paper's front page with nobody catching it? I spotted it immediately, and I'm a good, but not great, speller.

Bad enough the paper went for the bad pun-- the article is all about the controversy of building an ethanol plant, which will use lots of peelable corn-- but then they totally screwed up their punch line. Sad.

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