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Monday, January 22, 2007

Congrats, Mr. Dungy

While the Bears v. New Orleans game was pretty much a snoozer, the Pats v. Colts game had just about everything in it. The only thing missing was Adam Viantieri, formerly of the Pats and now with the Colts, either making or missing the game-winning kick with no time left on the clock. That would have been perfect.

But it was a fun game to watch regardless, and I'm very happy the Colts won on a number of levels. Chief reason is my dislike for Bill Bellichick, and my tiredness with the Pats being in the Super Bowl all the time. I am a fan of parity, and I am a fan of fresh blood in the big games-- except for my home teams. If any of them want to set up shop as a full-fledged dynasty, I'm good with that, hypocrisy be damned.

The Colts' victory was nice in a number of other ways, as well. I like Tony Dungy and I don't think he gets enough credit, so having him win against the team that has taken the Colts out several times was excellent. And now, though I don't personally care too much about it one way or the other, all the "Peyton Manning can't win the big game" blabbermouths can kindly stop gabbing and find a new hobby horse to ride.

And there's the African-American coach angle, which is nice, but which I'm afraid we'll be hearing far too much about in the next two weeks. Seriously, racial equality will be a reality in America when the fact that there are two minority coaches in the Super Bowl is no big deal. Or when the fact that a minority, or a woman, has a chance to win the Presidency is no big deal. This isn't to minimize the accomplishment-- you have to have a first time before the fourth or fifth time becomes the norm-- but I fear the hyperbole will be hard to stomach.

Of course, most of the pre-Super Bowl hyperbole is hard to stomach, regardless of its content, so at least this time some of the excessive bloviating will be warranted.

And, oh yeah, congrats to da Bears, too, I suppose. I really wanted the Saints to win, though that would have meant horrendous quantities of bloviating on the importance of the Saints to the residents of New Orleans and Louisiana, but da Bears are the better team and deserve to go. Congrats to Sean Payton and the Saints regardless of Sunday's loss-- great season, boys.

Final note-- Bill Parcell's is retiring! Woot! #6 down!


The black coach thing is remarkable to me in one aspect.

It's a sad statment on the inability for the NFL to actually integrate African-Americans into their upper management that it took until the 21st century for it to happen.

The NBA had no problem with the integration into management.

As The Big Nick said, it will be a notable day when such an occurrence goes without noting. we still have some work to do.
Oh, and the Bears suck.
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