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Monday, January 29, 2007

Can't Win for Losing

Just when I'm starting to feel like I made a major mistake voting for G.W. in the last election, I see something like this and I realize that it was a no win situation. Kerry might not have been as bad as Bush, but seeing him hanging with people like Khatami certainly leaves doubt, and indeed makes me wonder if he might not have been worse than Bush. Hard as that is to imagine given how badly Bush has bolloxed things up.


If the next presidential election is Obama vs. McCain, I'll probably vote major party-- though I'm not certain which way-- but if it features any of the other mainline candidates, I'm writing in my brother. He'd make a good president. I'd feel bad for him, since the job is thankless and wears you out, but he'd make a good president. And we could use one of those right now.


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