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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

NBA Suckitude

My Milwaukee Bucks haven't been the gang busters I was hoping for, but they are showing signs of geling as a team. They've won 3 of 4 to move to 9-12, and they are starting to look more comfortable together. Terry Stotts continues to be useless, but that's another story. This story is about how My Milwaukee Bucks, at 9-12, would currently be leading the Atlantic Division of the Eastern conference.

Not My New Jersey Nets are currently leading that division with a scintilating 8-12 mark. That's right, win two out of every five games and lead your division. Of course, the NFL is bound to find itself in this position at some point as well, with eight 4-team divisions sooner or later one of those 4-team divisions is going to be won by an 8-8, or even a 7-9, team.

But this short story isn't about the NFL. It's about the NBA, where you're frequently better off being the #6 seed than the #4 seed. Where the commissioner requests that players not pack heat, and the players are hacked off about it. Where all contracts are guarenteed, so that once you sign your deal, you don't have to try-- the Benjamins are flowing regardless.

Okay, I just reread all that and it's not very coherent. So be it. It's early. All I know is that an 8-12 team should never lead anything, ever.


How do you like this "artist's rendering"? http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2006/12/13/science/13mammal.l.jpg
I dunno-- I can't get the link to work. DOH!
Try this: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/13/science/14mammalcnd.html?hp&ex=1166072400&en=1fb6f9ae2313f04f&ei=5094&partner=homepage

(that's a link to the full article). I think the "rendering" in question will be duly apparent...
well, it's better than the black hole, I'll give you that. And not labeled as a photo. So that's something.
Not so sure if it's better than the black hole. I mean, do they have to make all these pre-historic artist renderings look like the animals were rabid?
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