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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cheesehead Gets No Respect

As a Wisconsinite, Senator Russ FeingolD is one of my two U.S. Senators. Russ has his goods and his bads. Plus side, he follows his conscience far more than most of his senatorial colleagues and he's willing to buck the status quo. Minus side, he's one of the most liberal senators currently in office, and I disagree with him on the majority of issues. FeingolD is also, at least ostensibly, running for U.S. President.

If you are wondering why I keep capitalizing the D in Russ' last name, this is why:

Bad enough that he's ranked below Tom Daschle, but they can't even get his name right. Perhaps, if he doesn't become the Democratic nominee in '08, Senator Feingolf can get a sponsor's exemption on the PGA Tour.


OK, capitalizing Liberal is pretty obnoxious...

If he ever starts doing things I don't like, that is so totally gonna be my derogatory name for him....

And I am copyrighting that for the Liberals, so you can't go using it over here on teh Republican side of the aisle!
Mama, I certainly didn't mean to be obnoxious. My best guess is that I was thinking Democrat, which would be capitalized, when I wrote that. And Russ is one of the most liberal senators currently serving.

Copyright away, tc. Though I think there might, just possibly, be a bit more to it than just saying you are doing so on an obscure blog's comment section. But, I could be wrong.
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