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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Can Iraq be saved?

Contrary to many on the left, I think there is still a chance. More importantly, people in Iraq think there is still a chance. If you haven't been reading Iraq the Model lately, than you should start doing so now. In particular, cast your gaze over Omar's most recent few postings, including this one. More boots on the ground, as John McCain has proposed, isn't sufficient in and of itself-- they must have a mission and a goal.

DOBA moment:
What I'm trying to say here is that the military component we need at this particular stage should be different from the routine military operations that US and Iraqi military had been conducting so far.The new military component should be designed to create a friendly climate where politicians can strike deals and reach compromise without coercion from radical extremists.And so if more boots are to be added on the ground then the mission will have to include freeing politicians and parties such as Maliki and al-Hashimi (the Dawa and the Islamic party respectively) from the ropes that bind them to Sadr and harmful elements in the Sunni political scene.
There are many elements in Iraq willing to work together, and tons more regular people who just want the killing and the dying to stop. If the U.S. is to salvage the situation in Iraq, and some of our reputation as well, it is of vital importance that we figure out what seems pretty basic-- how to make it possible for compromise to happen between and among different sects and tribes of Iraqis.

Hopefully, a new Secretary of Defense will improve the situation. Given the god awful performance of Donald Rumsfeld, the bar is set exceptionally low.

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