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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blair for President!

Pity it is impossible. Also rather sad that Tony Blair isn't even terribly popular in England. I can't help thinking that the world would be in a whole lot better shape right now if Blair, sans the accent, had been President and Bush, sans the accent, had been Prime Minister back in September of 2001. Blair has all the diplomatic and charismatic talents that Bush so completely lacks, yet Bush's bull-headedness would have made him a good ally to have in the War on Terror. If only....


At any rate, the inspiration for this post is here. Quite interesting. Sullivan's guests have a lively discussion of the current state of U.S.-English relations going on, and it is very interesting reading.


Blair may be a good politician (personally, I think he's an obsequieous lickspittle) but as a Leader, he's.... so not a Leader. There's no vision there, it's rote regurgitation of ideological talking points.

It's how Bush was able to completely overwhelm Blair and take advantage of Britain throughout the WoT... Thatcher, reprehensible as she was, would never have stood for that.
Well, for the very first time-- EVER!-- I disagree with you tc. I think Tony Blair is a quite effective leader. I think his vision is quite clear, and far more indepth than rote reguritation. Very much Dead On Balls Accurate.

I also think your appraisal that Bush was able to overwhelm and take advantage of him is rather specious. Because Blair agreed with Bush on the war does not make him a toady. Quite the opposite; he has steadfastly supported what he believes is the right, and vital, course of action in the face of opposition in his own country that is, in large measure, a result of his alliance with the U.S.

And unlike Bush, he can talk in coherent-- and complete!-- sentences on a consistent basis. Blair is able to communicate the importance of what we are trying to do in the Middle East in a manner that I dearly wish Bush was capable of approaching.

Blair is, from all I've read about him and by him, a good politician, yes. But he is also a man of principle and conviction who believes, quite rightly in my opinion, that the world is at a very critical juncture right now. Disagree with that assessment if you will, but don't automatically denigrate the man simply because he is of the same opinion as Bush.
well, I'll agree that Blair can speak better than Bush.
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