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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sports and Stuff

What to make of the Cory Lidle story? I don't know-- it's so surreal that if someone submitted it as a screenplay they'd get laughed out of the studio's office. From all accounts, Lidle was not a daredevil or a clown when it came to flying-- he enjoyed it, he took it seriously, and he did not assume that he was bullet proof while in his plane. He was, if this story is to be believed (and I have no reason to doubt it) a pretty normal guy who happened to be a very good athlete and an excellent pitcher. A good guy who was three years younger than me and who, for reasons we may never know since small planes like Lidle's don't have black boxes, wound up crashing his plane into a 50-story Manhattan condo. Sad and bizarre.

Not sad at all, though also bizarre, is the ever evolving saga of Indiana Pacers' guard, Steven Jackson. Jackson was involved in "The Brawl" in Detroit (I'm pretty sure he's the Pacer following Artest into the crowd, fists flying) and was suspended for 30 games. Now it seems he got into another brawl-- this time outside a strip club at 3 am. Seems he was kicking and punching a handicapped dude during the brawl. Of course, that's not what he originally told the police. Surprise, surprise, he was lying. What a turd.

Meanwhile, I fear for Alfonso Soriano's family. Poor things-- they must be in dire straits if $13 million+ a year isn't enough to get by on. No worries Alfonso! I'm sure Big George will pony up. I mean once you cross the big $200M threshold, what's another $15-$20 Mill?

And the NBA preseason has begun. Woot. Thank heavens-- I was going through withdrawal, since it had been over three months since the Heat captured their first NBA Title. Seriously, barely more than 3 months. The NBA is playing for almost three-quarters of the year. Why? Baseball, which plays a perposterous 162 regular season games, has a longer off-season than the NBA. Silly. Just silly.

Plus side, the leaves are changing color, fall is here, and football is in full swing! Double Woot!


Nobody cares about the NBA!
When does real basketball (college) start?
I didn't say anybody cared, just that the season is ridiculously long. As a general rule of thumb, college b-ball starts the first week of November.
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