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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hastert Should Go

Really hard to see much justification for him staying. Flip side, 80% of Congress should go, maybe more. The fact that both sides of the aisle are turning the page scandal into a political hot potato is both disgusting and disturbing.

If you don't follow my suggestion to write-in a candidate you actually think would do the job well in November, do consider just voting for the non-incumbent. Forget party affiliations, forget the week's hot button. We need new faces, new ideas and new attitudes in our government these days. Thomas Jefferson once espoused a need for a nice bloody revolution every generation or so to keep government aware of what its purpose is and whom it is supposed to serve. I'm not a fan of the bloody part, but the revolution part has some merit-- in the sense of shaking things up every few decades.

Vote the turds out. Please note-- turds are not limited to one or the other party. Turds are a universal human condition. As stupid as Robin Williams' new movie looks (what happened to that guy? My goodness his career has spiraled into the depths of god awful bad really quickly), the line, "Politicians are like babies-- they need to be changed often and for the same reason" is apt.

All the porkers, all the lifers, all the influence peddlers and soft money takers. All the turds. Out the door and, to paraphrase Barry Bonds of all people, we don't talk about them any more.


Just stumbled upon this-- very eloquently said. Thanks!
Thank you mama h. Hope you keep stopping by-- always a pleasure to have some new voices in the house.
Hastert gone.
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