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Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm Stunned

There's a poll being run over at DailyKos in reaction to "The Path to 9-11" docudrama airing on ABC this Sunday. The post, from someone known as "theyrereal" maintains that the unflattering portrayal of Clinton in the docudrama is a direct result of media consolidation by conservative forces. This is dire threat to democracy. How dire? Well, here's the poll after I voted:

70% of the people reading DailyKos believe media consolidation is a bigger threat to democracy than the people who flew planes into the WTC five years ago, cut off Nick Berg's head, blow up Israeli buses with regularity, and forced kidnapped journalists to convert to Islam with the barrel of an automatic weapon.


Boggles the mind.


Nick, are you saying that American Democracy is so weak, so fragile, that the sporadic actions of small, ill-equipped militant fanatics are realistically going to topple it?

The Fonders knew that democracy was always more susceptible to subversion and rot from within, and Jefferson and Adams in particular were insistent that a well informed populace was integral to participatory democracy.

Isn't that what the right wing has been arguing about the so-called Liberal Media for 30 years?
Dang fat fingers.

Founders Founders, I mean.
Would the 70% of the readers of the Daily Kos, the ones who believe that corporate media consolidation is a greater threat to America than terrorists, be our subversion and rot from within?

The Reagans mini-series: No threat.

The Path To 9-11 mini-series: No threat.

Haji, wanting to kill Westerners indiscriminately in order to advance the global jihad/caliphate: THREAT
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