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Friday, September 22, 2006

Doyle Must Go

For those of you outside of my fair state of Wisconsin, this November we're having an election for Governor. The incumbent is Democrat, Jim Doyle-- just finishing up his first term. His Republican challenger is Mark Green, previously a U.S. Congressman from the Green Bay region of Wisconsin.

I'm not a big fan of Green's. He strikes me as an empty suit with little or no leadership ability, and his time as a member of Congress isn't really very good training to be the chief executive officer of the state. And he really is far too lock step with Bush for my comfort.

But quite frankly Jim Doyle has made a mockery out of the state's reputation for clean government. Just in today's Milwauke Jourtinal there are these articles:

And that's just today. There remains questions about the sale of the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant last year. Originally, the Public Service Commission rejected the sale of the plant. Later, after the company that wanted to buy the plant made $41000 in contributions to the Doyle campaign, the PSC reversed its decision, with the two Doyle appointees changing their vote from nay to yea.

There remain questions about the sweetheart deals Doyle negotiated with the state's Native American tribes, all of whom were huge contributors to Doyle's campaign. Fortunately, the Supreme Court over-ruled the "in perpetuity" portion of that deal-- and I say that as a fan of Native American casinos. But things change, times change, and "in perpetuity" deals are ridiculous.

And, though this is not specifically campagin related, there remain questions about a state sponsored web site that encourages Wisconsin residents to get their drugs from Canadian pharmacies. At a minimum, the web site undercuts Wisconsin pharmacies and U.S. pharmaceutical companies. At a maximum, Doyle may be advocating for the citizens of his state to commit a crime.

Although our President can't remember how the "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" saying goes, I can. I can also recognize a pattern when I see one.

Jim Doyle is a debacle, and if Wisconsin votes him back into office, it will be "shame on us" for being foolish enough to believe his disavowals and rationalizations.


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