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Monday, August 14, 2006

Preseason Week 1

Well, technically week 2, since there was the Hall of Fame Game, but that's even more of an exhibition game than the rest of the preseason. So, I'm counting week 1 from last weekend. Before moving on, though-- big kudos to the class of 2006, one of the best inductee groups I can remember. Or maybe they're finally catching up to the era I grew up on. Nuts, that means I'm getting old.

Oh well, at any rate, Troy Aikman, Warren Moon, Reggie White and Harry Carson were all premier players and unquestionably worthy of inclusion. I always wished Moon had started his career in the NFL, just to see where he would rank amongst QBs if the first part of his career hadn't been with the Canadian Football League. I don't know much about Rayfield Wright, but I'm all in favor of inducting more offensive linemen-- Aikman and Moon wouldn't be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame without linemen in front of them giving them time to do what they do. Madden? Eh. I suppose as a body of work his coaching and analyst work is worthy. I just have issues with how big a parody of himself he's become. I'd far rather listen to Frank Caliendo doing Madden than to listen to Madden doing Madden.

Oh, and I'd be negligent if I didn't pile onto the Dr. Z has lost his mind bandwagon. Others have called out longtime Sports Illustrated analyst Paul Zimmerman for this paragraph in his July 26 column:

Is Brett Favre a shoo-in? How about if he throws another 29 interceptions this season? And the whispers start -- maybe he never was that good to begin with.
You think this is impossible? You don't know how quickly a great old star can fall from grace.

Particularly odd about Dr. Z's column is that he gives Tom Brady a "Big Yes" vote, while giving Favre a tepid, "Yeah, I guess so" vote for HoF inclusion on the first ballot. So, if Brady injures himself and never plays another game, he's in, but Favre isn't because the team around him is weak? What if Brady has to try and carry a so-so team and isn't able to-- not in on the first ballot?

Here's where Favre stands on the various "check lists" for HoF inclusion:

Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, Favre is the only 3-time MVP in the history of the NFL. And there's that little never missing a start thing-- 221 consecutive games. Nearly a hundred more than Peyton Manning (128) who is in second amongst QBs. With nine more starts this year, he will pass Bruce Matthews (229) for third amongst any player at any position during any era.

Dr. Z's main complaint seems to be that Favre isn't as good as he once was and that he's throwing too many interceptions. Well, duh. No, he isn't as good-- but exactly how much tarnish can a bad year put on a 14 year career? And while his interception totals (255) are bad, he has yet to catch the all-time leader in interceptions, George Blanda, who had 277 in his career. Oh, and by the way, Blanda was a first ballot inductee to the Pro Football Hall of Fall.

So, Dr. Z is a moron. Onward.

Week 1, then:

Okay, good enough for the preseason.

Go Mike Wossname! Go Pack Go!


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